The Battle Of Anghiari, Rediscovered


NatGeo is poised to bring back to life the long lost Leonardo da Vinci painting The Battle Of Anghiari at the Palazzo Vecchio. It has long been believed that Giorgio Vasari painted The Battle Of Marciano over the remnants of Leonardo’s painting, fifty years after da Vinci abandoned his unfinished project. It is unlikely that any rescuing effort will yield a clear image of the original Battle Of Anghiari, as it was nearly destroyed by Leonardo himself, who melted most of it in an effort to dry the ink. But we have his studies, as well as Peter Ruben’s copy of the painting.



I blended both da Vinci’s known studies, as well as Rubens’ rendition, and the result gave me a more precise idea of Leonardo’s forceful imagery. Leonardo’s sketches can be seen in the second and fourth faces from the left:

That, at least for now, is as close as I could get to admiring da Vinci’s original intent.