The Battle Of Anghiari, Rediscovered

NatGeo is poised to bring back to life the long lost Leonardo da Vinci painting The Battle Of Anghiari at the Palazzo Vecchio. It has long been believed that Giorgio Vasari painted The Battle Of Marciano over the remnants of Leonardo’s painting, fifty years after da Vinci abandoned his unfinished project. It is unlikely that […]

New Da Vinci Self-Portrait Discovered

A few weeks ago CNN published a story about a recently discovered sketch. The drawing, a small 3.5″ by 5.5″ sketch of a man facing left, is definitely reminiscent of other Leonardo sketches, but the researchers weren’t sure whether this was the work of a student or of the master himself. While everything seems to […]

The Misanthrope

   While working as a corporate employee at Countrywide Home Loans in California, I came across a print of “The Blind Leading The Blind,” by 16th century master Pieter Bruegel the Elder. Even though I am not an art connoisseur, it struck me immediately as a wonderful painting. In it, a blind man leads a […]